brk 1039842 sa3210 10 year non removable lithium power™ cells

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The First Alert SA3210 10-Year Battery Dual Sensor Alarm provides early warning of both flaming and smoldering fires. Additionally, its intelligent sensing technology is designed to cut down on nuisance alarms from cooking smoke or other common false-alarm triggers. A single button both silences and tests the smoke detector for simple operation. The built-in 10-year lithium-ion battery provides continuous power, with no need to ever worry about changing the battery over the lifetime of the smoke detector, and it can be easily installed anywhere without wires.



  • Dual Sensors Detect Different Types of Fires
  • Built-In 10-Year Battery
  • Smart Sensor Minimizes False Alarms
  • 10-Year, Battery-Powered Fire Detector Installs Anywhere