brk 1040931 safe sound wifi combo alarm bluetooth speaker alexa

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Onelink Safe & Sound Wi-Fi 120V hardwired Smoke/CO Combo Alarm with voice location technology, sealed tamperproof 10YR battery backup, silence, Bluetooth wireless interconnect, premium home speaker, and embedded Alexa. Includes free app.



» 3-in-1:- Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Premium Home Speaker, Embedded Alexa

» Built-in Alexa Voice Services

» Voice with Location - Voice announces programmed location of the unit and danger detected

» Multi-color Indicator Ring - Provides visual indication of various alarm states.

» Flood Mesh Network Communication - 2 way communication sends and receives providing a more reliable network.

» App- Receive notifications in case of an emergency, test and silence, check battery percentage, and alarm history on Apple and Android devices.

» Hardwire Compatibility - Can be interconnected with all First Alert/BRK hardwired smoke, CO and Combo alarms.

» 10YR CO Sensor/10YR End of Life/10YR Battery

» Works with Apple Homekit®

» 3-Years Limited Limited Warranty




» Sensor: Photoelectric & Electrochemical

» Warranty Claim: 3-Years Limited

» Package Type: Display

» Color: White

» Battery backup: Y